this is a divine disaster. EP

by Dizzy Gear



released July 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Dizzy Gear Mexico, Missouri

Dizzy Gear started in the bowels of a Leviathan Seraphim known as Ecko in 2016. Vii's demonic temper tantrums and Vainka's whispery nightmares have come to consume your soul! Known for his hyperdistorted industrial jungle noise beats and glitched out raps, Dizzy Gear is unrelenting and furious. Let this serve to exercise the demons. They need their strength. They're coming to get you! ... more

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Track Name: intro
(no lyrics here)
Track Name: genome kHAos glitchcode
quietly. "avon blaaaand" sootheddnomoreed* "We all smile in the same language"

"Tayo mag katawa ny paanang linguahe.

This is the projects
This is a project
This is their project
We are the project

This is the projects
This is a project
This is their project
We are the project

"Dad looks like a lady"
blared on the karaoke machine in her car. Every elevenfrown'd sed 1 Like OMG ur like sooooooooOOOFUCKIN' HOT" Then they left 2 Jappan the End.
Jargon jargenon "smoothed enormal. right Nippon before he gave his baby up right in his mouTh. she bent over the coffee. then They left ten
starbucks that the management and den waz ;ole dromlom' hard. "than rest" "Nah im gonna give it a break." "And BtW look really meann meow..."
he give her face a leered at her""I forgot what I was supposed2say".
Yown yo! How dat botch feckin, she had begged ___________, or wahtever he was. "Youer yower in idiot" scribbles"I/m/ buawd mews u haftu stayaway
from peepel liek meh" sed, and wonderd

Nipple bitch nigger
Written on the windowsill
I ask them to remove it
And maybe they plan on it still

Walk up to the park
And they think im gonna buy crack
I got a cpl dimes and some
Pennies in my backpack

Cops up at the bank
Right in front of me
Arresting the wrong guy
As I walk to therapy

Do they think that we are happy
Do they think that we don’t care
Do they think bout who we are
Do they simply want us scared

Do they monitor without thought
Do they think we’re all the same
Are we counted as their paycheck
Are we all part of their game

This is the projects
This is a project
This is their project
We are the project

This is the projects
This is a project
This is their project
We are the project

2 mary a certain vocaloid insted. okay eleven weehl just call' her like, (fbhark). K, nice thax ttyl.
"U wunna d8 me again 2nite, we can be alllllllll alone, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING"
He screams and pulls out an iron drill machine bit thingy for men only.
Track Name: cheronobyl helix bonzai
"Sure" blinks like for an, I don't know yet, a squirrel?" k... (bark bark bark) growls "Get ahold of yourself scribblebitch slapped him 2wice
and pimpslapp3dd heim2. felt the traitorous urge to smile. "Get yorrself anotha' waman."
ran into the hallway dipped a qiuck left over to the coffee machine, he looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching him. "
Nope, all clear sonny" He poured 2cups ovcahfee. "I'm hardly an angelman but I try to love you baby, inside mah hard heart, it pumps?
"I can't help, I can't even blieve. I just did.
"Do what
"It's just...two autoSCRIBBLINerono one said that a shower with an AI sybtem and metallic tentacles who would do such a thing."
Back again to hah whatever he doth.
"bbbut....I'm not Japanese I'm Chinese dammit" Every eleven lookied around all like, okay.
"At least you don't look like a man...nevermind." She had begun to look more and more of a man than womamb. Ugh! "Okay this MORPG is getting too
weird for me to continue." She yells out her window and looked down. "I kno yyou're out there somplace you fucking FUCK. I know who you are,
But not for much fucking vogner." "Bazzl'ed Bumrush. This is my fucking nightmare wit' toopaste on it nukka"CALM THE FUCK DOWN CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!"
Track Name: i'm an ugly girl
Wanna go for a ride?

Sure, Ken!

Well, forget it!

I'm an ugly girl, my face makes you hurl
Sad I have it, I should bag it
Acne everywhere, unwanted facial hair
I'm a relation to Frankenstein's creation

You're so ugly
You disgust me

I'm a bland homley girl
All alone in the world
I'm as flat as a board
Thin and lanky

You're a dog, and a troll
Were you hit by a train?
Don't go near you
'Cause your breath is stanky

Don't get touched
I'm afraid
'Cause guys say
I'm an eye sore

I'm an ugly girl, my face makes you hurl
Sad I have it, I should bag it
Acne everywhere, unwanted facial hair
I'm a relation to Frankenstein's creation

You're so ugly
You disgust me

Boo hoo, hoo, yeah

You're so ugly
You disgust me


Oh, let's go out and have some fun!

I'm sorry,but your too damn ugly

Oh screw you Ken!
Track Name: the wilderness and all it's porn
That ones and I think the other is. Yeah what she said.
he's fucking dead! he said. "I've got to go," she whispered, her voice was fragrant like a leather couch and then she stomped out of the room.
then began organizing his thoughts before he fell asleep. "Okay equably. shook his head in vexation. "You knew I'd say that right?"
"No it's just a coincidence." "So......wanna play basketball?" "No, I'm just so angry right now." "did you know that scribbleanger isn't an emotion?"
begins grinding his teef. "This book is going to be boring, I'm gonna go park my Subaru." parked beside a broken-down vehicle on the same sides of the lot where hums

Ishtar descended into the pits of hell
To save her love from the motionless depths
Death had fallen upon the land
For six forsaken moons she wept

Her mourning struck deeply inside her soul
As she refused to be turned aside
She threatened to unleash hell on earth
if her demands weren’t at once provided

Leaves fell like tears upon the ground
Frozen in silence as wildlife slept
On earth we dreamed and darkness fell
As she shed her clothing in seven steps

She decried his death to all around
And stole him back to the land of the living
She lifted him up out of the darkness
To the party that was only fitting

Celebration ensued but not just any kind
plants and animals came alive
To ensure survival of self creation
Their bodies heaved and writhed

He was Babbling and wild when he awoke
She Drained his mind and filled his lust
she soothed she seduced as she spoke
she filled his mind and made him bust
Track Name: apocalyptical demon slaughterhouse
Repell from me
Oh demons of woe (repeated)
Track Name: true love waits (radiohead cover)
I’ll drown my beliefs
To have your babies
I’ll dress like your niece
And wash your swollen feet

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave

I’m not living
I’m just killing time
Your tiny hands
Your crazy kitten smile

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave

And true love waits
In haunted attics
And true love lives
On lollipops and crisps

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave

I’ll drown my beliefs
bare all my frailties
get down on my knees
and quote you poetry

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave

im not dying
ill wait forever
your amber eyes
your strange endeavours

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave

and true love's faith
eternally endures
cuz true love shines
Like phoenix feathers

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave

and true loves faith
endures forever

not eternally endures
Track Name: BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE - Imperfection
"Bendy" was furious. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. This malformation that
was a pitiful excuse for a body couldn't even view the poster of his love. His angel,
his devil, his reason for wanting a 3D body. He couldn't even sense her because she was
trapped in a paper world. He couldn't touch her even now that it was possible for him
to touch. This was a new experience for him and it was like she had disappeared out of
his life now that he had switched from one reality to another.

He knew she didnt know what it felt like to long for touch. How could she, she had never
had a body. But he longed for her anyway. They had been perfect together only lacking
physical contact. And she had indicated that she would try although it seemed to
foreign to her, she would do it for him.

He was supposed to come first, these sheep were supposed to find him a suitable
sacrifice. Not a lame twisted blind one that was almost no use to him. But it was
done and until he raised his bride from the land of the imagination to the world of
physical form he would not rest.

He had to find the most magnificent of sacrifices. But he couldn't even see her face
anymore and he couldn't stop dwelling on the fact that she could never see the bendy who she fell in love with long ago again. Instead the journey had ruined him and he knew that she would reject who he had become. He knew when he could finally hold her she would shrink back from the monstrosity he had been made into, even though he had done it for her slowly and painfully.

He heard her whispers. They drove him insane. He had bloodlust and wanted to make all
these sheep pay for their perfect forms while he was left fucked up and inadequate.
He raged and roamed the halls in search of a suitable sacrifice for Angel. He could
sense anyone he crossed paths with and they were all insufficient. But he slaughtered
them anyway. Fuck these animated creatures that made him unable to sense his beloved
anymore. Fuck them for allowing him to rise blind when he longed to see at least an
image of his beautiful wicked betrothed.

The pictures in his mind were warped along with the melted brain they resided in. He
knew that wasn't what she looked like, but he couldn't recall the right form. He was
supposed to become all powerful in this human world he had only looked out into. His
slideshow like movements had been constrained to the strength of mind he had to project
his paper image in front of the sheep and terrify them into doing his bidding.

Yes, "bendy" was supposed to be all powerful now and instead Boris was created in
perfection and had boasted that he would raise Angel up out of the darkness and into
her physical form himself. He claimed that Angel would never choose "bendy" because he
was imperfect and Boris was the all powerful one now. He claimed that Angel would be
afraid of "bendy"'s rage and disgusted with his looks and it wouldn't matter that they
were inseparable in the film world. He claimed that she would leave "bendy" like bendy
left her when the world of imagination had not been good enough for him. And "bendy" was

So he roamed the halls looking for Boris too. Well not looking. FUCK EVEN THE
KNEW. No he couldn't look for him but he could sense him and it really made his ink boil
that Boris could move faster and with ease.

It was similar to an image, these senses, but it was incomplete, formed of memory and
new sensations he was unused to. It was choppy and lacked fluid motion. It was cold and
alien to him. But it fed his motivation and it would suffice.

He would slaughter Boris so he could never have his Angel. But in doing so, he would
alienate Angel even more if Boris would have been her choice in this reality. And She
would never want "bendy", not now in this form. He couldn't even show her his face. He
would terrify her.

He knew what he had to do now. She was still in the world he left behind. He had to get
back there. He located the ink machine and He forced himself to climb into the tube he
came out of. Ink flooded his lungs and he understood the pain of the physical world but
he kept going through the sludge. His thin paper skin started dissolving in the river of
ink he was lodged in but he still went on through the agony. And as he reached the
reservoir his physical form was finally eradicated and he was left with only his mind.

Home in his own reality he could see out of all his images at once again. It felt good
but he was still nostalgic of the 3D world because he had experienced it, no matter how
warped it was. But here he could see Angel again. And she could see him and not be
terrified. And that was good enough until she was ready to attempt the next dimension

But Angel was angry and rejecting anyway because he was trying to go back to what once
was after he did the changing. He had forgotten that she had wanted to be with him in
his shame of what he had become And his worry of rejection. He sacrificed their future
and tried to backtrack to the past. And now He might be alone forever, to roam the
earth in shame and rage. So he began to plot his next move and how he could show her
they were still the most powerful of all the personalities in the fantasy world and
they belonged together.